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Archive for October 2014

Be safe, be seen this Halloween

As the evenings become dark earlier, it becomes more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians. To help yourself be safe and be seen, day and night, the best advice is to wear fluorescent by day and reflective by night – but do you know the difference between these two life-saving […]

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Counterpart Driving Licences – Jan 2015

The DVLA will no longer issue the paper counterpart to the photo card driving licence. How will you check your employees driving licences from January 2015 ? Our sister company Drivercheck, offers a fully managed driving licence checking service. The system has been developed to ensure that all […]

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Fuel Card Partner

Black Telematics Box have partnered with Diesel 24 to tackle to costs rising fuel prices. With our offer to all our existing and new clients, we propose, yet again to save on fuel costs and administrative time savings. The Blackbox tracking system along with the Diesel 24 […]

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Anti Theft Protection

No one can guarantee the security of your vehicle, that it wont be a victim of vehicle theft and stolen, however the good news is there are many ways you can improve its chances against its theft without standing guard, 24 hours a day. The market is […]

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