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Black Telematics Box is a leading provider of gps vehicle tracking systems & fleet driver management for SME’s. Our GPS vehicle tracking & driver behaviour system offers real-time benefits by creating visibility into your company vehicles & employees activities, assisting businesses to reduce their operational costs, increased productivity and improving customer service. Black Telematics Box serves every conceivable type of business throughout the UK & Ireland; our clients gain real time business critical information in real-time via our online web access portal worldwide.

Company Profile

Black Telematics Box is a privately owned company focused on gps vehicle tracking systems and driver behaviour fleet management systems. Black Telematics Box was formed in 1998, developed by a Team at the forefront of vehicle tracking systems in Europe and the USA. Black Telematics Box opened its first dedicated office in the UK in 2009 and now has offices throughout the UK providing a nationwide service in the UK & Ireland.

Black Telematics Box Office Our UK headquarters are in England, while our Scottish offices are responsible for finance, operations and  installations. We have sites in Glasgow, Hamilton, St Annes, and Cambridge. All of our Teams are on hand to deal  with customers enquiries, by phone 01159 902 149 or email info@blacktelematicsbox.co.uk. Please don’t hesitate  in getting in touch.

Black Telematics Box – Industry Leading GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Black Telematics Box offers an ease of use system designed  to cover businesses from one vehicle through to thousands of vehicles, ensuring each client optimises the efficiency & productivity of their fleets and each division of their business. Our system includes – GPS fleet tracking software, a fleet view dashboard for real time vehicle tracking status, Management Reporting Suite, and an industry first full historical no time limit reporting information that ensures you have the information performance information anytime minute by minute.

Black Telematics Box is cutting edge technology, which provides business fleet owners an ability to manage their mobile workforce in a efficient manner with multiple applications. Our gps vehicle tracking & employee application system incorporates all the latest GPRS and GPS technologies,  suitable any number of employees or fleets of all sizes, from one to thousands. Whatever your gps vehicle tracking or employee time management needs are ; from a simple report to a full system with many modules, we can support your requirements.

Black Telematics Box is simple and easy to use therefore it is the obvious choice for your business fleet.

Our customers include