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Circuit Electrical Testing Ltd Case Study

Circuit Electrical Testing

Reducing Fuel Costs & Overheads”

Circuit Electrical Testing Limited is a firm of qualified NIC EIC and IAB accredited electricians operating nationwide. We specialise in PAT testing and uniquely all our work is completed by experienced professionals.

Based originally in Halifax, Circuit have now expanded into new offices in Leeds within easy access of the northern motorway networks to address their national Customer base.


With a commercial ethos focused on customer service and swift response, Circuit have expanded their qualified service engineers by 50% since installing the Black Telematics Box system, securing public sector contracts based on the implementation of the latest GPS vehicle tracking facilities to deliver the best possible service to customers.

Operational Benefits

Since the implementation of the system Circuit have improved response times by timely deployment of the fleet when responding to customer emergencies.

Identification of vehicle whereabouts has played a significant role in helping Circuit to increase productivity and reduce direct wages costs through time-sheet errors and mitigating fuel costs and overheads through control of journey times and mileage claims.

Improved customer service benefits have been clearly identified alongside fast and efficient deployment reducing vehicle miles and fuel costs, plus faster access to service requests in different locations contributing further to customer satisfaction and fleet efficiency.

Client Comment

“As a service based company, the Black Telematics Box system enables us to provide a prompt and efficient service to our customers, and has also reduced costs for us by cutting down on overtime claimed,” stated Vicky Colbeck of Circuit. “It’s a positive support to our employees too, providing proof of attendance at locations, and enabling us to identify for them and guide them in to local facilities when they’re working out of their known areas and need office support. Black Telematics Box have also been very supportive when additional units have been required as the fleet has expanded”

Circuit Electrical Testing Ltd
Vicky Colbeck of Circuit Electrical