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CMBS Scotland Case Study





“The system saves money and reduces unnecessary private mileage”

CMBS Scotland is a long established all trade main contractor who have been serving the West of Scotland since 1989. With 22 years experience in the industry we offer experience and skill in all trades within the industry. We have a diverse range of clients both in the public and private sector with particular focus on the social housing sector. We adapt our services to meet our clients’ needs and have worked with many of these clients for over 15 years. Who required knowing where there teams were at all times.


CMBS are a family business with a strong team of engineers, many who have been with us since the beginning. Staff retention is important to us and we invest in continuously training all of our team to provide a high standard of quality and workmanship.

Our team recognised there need for efficiency and getting them to the correct location on time. Our management team deployed the Black Telematics Box 3rd Generation GPS vehicle tracking system throughout the fleet and instantly improving the businesses day to day operational efficiency, productivity & customer service.

Operational Benefits

Black Telematics Box GPS Vehicle Tracking System is an excellent product that clearly delivers exactly what we need it to do, as it and has helped us to increase productivity. I knew we had selected the correct system & company to deliver it, as the gps vehicle tracking system started to yield cost savings as well as other benefits within the few days of operating the system.

We have number of vehicles and have saved money by reducing unnecessary private mileage which we had no idea about; the private mileage was not the only thing that was highlighted by the vehicle tracking system; we have eradicated late starts and early finishes. Over the whole year this will prove to make a significant saving on our wage bill.

The improved vehicle management using the vehicle tracking system has had a huge impact on the profitability of our company. The gps vehicle tracking system has improved our overall efficiency as well as creating visibility of our fleet.

So in summary the gps vehicle tracking system has improved our operational efficiency while reducing our overhead costs and assisted our business deliver a high quality service to our clients. The system is used for job allocation and scheduling our fleet, to ensure we select the closest relevant resource. The implementation of the gps vehicle tracking system means response times have improved and the tracking system makes it easier to find customer locations.

Client Comment

As a service based company, the gps vehicle tracking system by Black Telematics Box provides us with daily time sheets, accurate billing and reduced fuel bills. It also keeps us compliant with health and safety for our lone workers and ensures there is no unnecessary private use out of hours which keeps us tax & HMRC compliant.

I would recommend Black Telematics Box GPS Vehicle Tracking System to any company who has a fleet of vehicles, where the company want to know exactly what their vehicles are doing, not only from a job allocation point of view but in our case primarily for reducing our fuel and unwarranted wage expenditure.

CMBS Scotland
Nicola McDonald of CMBS Scotland