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CV Show 2017 – Meet us there – Black Telematics Box Ltd.

Why not meet us at the on Wednesday the 25th – 27th April Meet us at the Birmingham NEC, entrance is free, lets chat, what size of fleet do you have? us email us at info@blacktelematicsbox.co.uk and we will book off some time for you in our diary for a […]

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CV Show – 2015 – Meet Us There !

Why not meet us at the on Wednesday the 15th April – Yes this week at the Birmingham NEC, entrance is free, so if you want to meet us email us at info@blacktelematicsbox.co.uk and we will meet you for a coffee and a chat. Maybe you have visited […]

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Road Speed System Profiling – Don’t get caught speeding!

Black Telematics Box is keen to let all drivers of vehicles know how their managers can help them improve there road risk, and empowering them with a tool to assist with speeding issues. The message is “don’t get caught speeding”, but how do we police that without […]

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Improving Response Times

“Efficiency” is a word that is paramount for most businesses, so making improvements in customer response times often equates to improved customer satisfaction and client retention. Fleet efficiency is gained by businesses by deploying Real-time GPS vehicle tracking which utilises today’s cutting edge mobile technology. The vehicle tracking system provides an […]

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Realtime Vehicle Tracking

Realtime vehicle tracking is crucial for any business that needs to monitor their fleet. Businesses are able to see exactly where their vehicles are at all times allowing them to be more efficient, knowing the vehicles proximity allows the deployment of the closest driver to a job or a […]

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Operational Control of Lone Worker’s

Much is discussed using terminology of “Lone Worker” and there associated  job movements risks. We have detailed 5 points to help guide you through lone worker movements help minimise risk and maximise the control of care within your business. 1. Lone workers should always ensure that someone else (the […]

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Environmental Responsibility for Companies

Many businesses are now looking closer at their environmental policies not only within the work place but also out on the road. This change means that businesses are looking for ways to help them with their environmental responsibility. One way is to start with your own “ECO or […]

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Be safe, be seen this Halloween

As the evenings become dark earlier, it becomes more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians. To help yourself be safe and be seen, day and night, the best advice is to wear fluorescent by day and reflective by night – but do you know the difference between these two life-saving […]

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Counterpart Driving Licences – Jan 2015

The DVLA will no longer issue the paper counterpart to the photo card driving licence. How will you check your employees driving licences from January 2015 ? Our sister company Drivercheck, offers a fully managed driving licence checking service. The system has been developed to ensure that all […]

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Fuel Card Partner

Black Telematics Box have partnered with Diesel 24 to tackle to costs rising fuel prices. With our offer to all our existing and new clients, we propose, yet again to save on fuel costs and administrative time savings. The Blackbox tracking system along with the Diesel 24 […]

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