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Andrew Watt

Watts Auto Group

The Client

Andrew Watt Motor Factors was established in 1935 and continues to develop the business both internally and grow it geographically in order to provide the best service and products by embracing the latest computerised technology, to supply our growing customer base with what they want, when they want it.

 The Clients Requirement

We have a number of Motor Factor outlets, we required live tracking in all our branches to control the live movements of our commercial vehicle fleet. We have had vehicle tracking in the past, so we knew what we wanted. We deployed Black Telematics Box system in all of our vehicles. The system gives us the ability to schedule each delivery and allows us to allocate it to the correct van run, so our clients gain a fast efficient service.

The Clients System Benefits

The Black Telematics Box system is not like our last trackers – its a full vehicle tracking & driver behaviour system. Black Telematics Box works very closely with us, so we maximise our return on our investment. We have been very impressed with a fuel saving of 20% which is massive. We also have full control over our driver’s behaviour and we notice there is more care taken in our vans and less accidents, so we have in turn reduced our insurance risk.

I would recommend this system & company if you require a solution that is very reliable & a company that does exactly what they say, then give this company the opportunity.