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Client Partners

Oil Fast LogoBlack Telematics Box has partnered with Oil Fast who is an independent fuel distributor to businesses & the agriculture industry, Oilfast  know how important it is to get your Gas Oil or Red Diesel delivered on time and at the lowest price along with all your heating oil needs, Oilfast offer great value for money to all Gas / Heating Oil & Diesel customers of Black Telematics Box, provided from their UK distribution Depots.To find out more about our fuel savings why not contact us let you speak to the experts about your fuel needs saving your business time and money.
Diesel 24 Logo -1
Black Telematics Box has partnered with Diesel 24 who is an independent distributor for Shell, Esso, UK Fuels, and Texaco FastFuel cards, provided fuel management solutions to UK businesses. Black Telematics Box basic mantra is for clients to save money and improve efficiency so that’s this offer is open to all of our customer base ranging from small businesses fleets, operating just a single van to larger companies with a fleet of HGV’s. So irrespective of the amount of fuel you use, Diesel 24 will have a fuel card solution for you.To find out more about our fuel cards why not contact us and speak to us about how we could save your business time and money.

DriverCheck new Logo Black Telematics Box sister company is DriverCheck, who offer a cost effective way to check your employees driving licences online. The service assists with driving licence compliance issues, DriverCheck ensures every driver in your organisation, that drives on business, has a full and valid driving licence, which complies with the DVLA requirements and is current. At DriverCheck the team will process and verify licence data electronically. The online web based system will ensure that YOU could avoid prosecution, fines and not be faced with uninsured losses. To find out more about our our driving licence services why not contact us and speak to us about how we could keep you business compliant and save your business time and money.

ISO 27001 LogoApproved ADLV Member of the Association for Driving Licence Verification (ADLV) 

CU80 Logo 2Black Telematics Box has partnered with CU80 who produces a device for the vehicle that stops employees using a mobile phones to text, email, and browse the web while driving are not only a danger to themselves and others on the road, but they also pose a significant liability to their employer. Our Risk Management software gives companies a simple way to promote safe, legal yet productive  use of mobile phones while driving.

Your drivers are 3 times more likely to crash when focusing on their phone.

So whether  you provide mobile phones to your employees, or they bring their own smart phones into your fleet vehicles, your company is exposed to costs and the legal consequences of a mobile device causing distracted driving, resulting in a crash. We urge companies like yours to eliminate the consequences of employee device distraction by deploying CU80 throughout your fleet vehicles. Why not contact us and speak to us about how we could keep you business safe, compliant and manage by managing  your driver risk today.

CES Innovation Award 2012