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The Client

Pendragon is a public limited company. Pendragon’s representation covers both specialist and volume brands. The largest representation is with Ford and is closely followed by Vauxhall where we are the largest retailer in the UK. Our national scale, wide portfolio of manufacturer partners, when combined with our superior IT platform and value pricing gives us a competitive advantage and enables us to be the number one internet motor retailer.

Evans Halshaw Smart Repair Operations, a firm of qualified technicians who carry out repairs throughout the country for the Pendragon Group of Companies including Stratstone and Quicks. We specialise in Small & Medium Accident Repair Techniques.

With our group Head Office in Nottingham, we have now expanded into offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh in Scotland, Darlington, Leeds, Manchester, Burnley, Preston, Wolves, Grantham, Milton Keynes & Merthyr Tydfil & Wrexham in Wales it was important that we were able to remotely monitor and track our fleet each day.

The Clients System Benefits

With a commercial ethos focused on customer service and swift response, Evans Halshaw Smart Repairs have expanded their qualified service engineers by 35% since installing the Black Telematics Box system, based on the implementation of the latest GPS vehicle tracking System to deliver the best possible service to customers, while ensuring increased operational efficiencies.

Since the implementation of the gps vehicle tracking system we have improved our customer satisfaction, by timely deployment of our fleet from each of our locations when responding to site requirements.

The vehicle tracking system instantly assists in the allocation and deployment of our vehicles and staff around the Group, this has improved our overall efficiency and significantly helped to increase productivity and reduce time wasted on site and hours claimed. The gps tracking system provides The Group now has greater control over fuel costs and general vehicle overheads, being able to accurately deploy our teams has resulted in saving time on journeys as well as unnecessary mileage claims.

Our improved customer satisfaction has enabled the Group to win additional business and improve current revenue streams, as we are now in command a very fast and responsive service to our customers. The system saves time, increases productivity. Fuel was an additional focus, and we have made significant savings through the reduction of unnecessary miles driven, the operatives ensuring the drive at the correct speeds and eradication of unnecessary vehicle idling wasting both fuel and time. Thanks to Black Telematics Box our overall Group fleet efficiency has greatly improved.

Client Comment

As a service based company, the Black Telematics Box gps vehicle tracking system enables us to provide a efficient timely service to our Group, our operatives now get to the sites on time every time and the employees no longer have to justify hand written time sheets, which is very positive as this saves time, proof of attendance is simple with the instant visibility of onsite arrival and finish times being recorded automatically ensures there are no invoicing discrepancies within the Group. The vehicle tracking systems reporting suite provides a full range of necessary data to our back office team, saving them hours of manual data collation & calculation.

Allan Gibbons of Black Telematics Box has also been very supportive, and has been there for us every step of the way, Allan has simplified the whole process even as our fleet has expanded. After looking at many systems in the market place and comparing features and pricing Black Telematics Box were selected. The deployment of Black Telematics Box gps vehicle tracking system, this has been one of the best moves the company has made and the savings made so far have more than paid for the total investment.