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Black Telematics Box are the UK specialists in GPS / GPRS Vehicle Tracking Systems & Products. We have a range of products designed around the needs of different sectors, and different company requirements, our tracking solutions, track Vehicles, Assets/Plant & People.

We specialise in vehicle tracking systems for fleet users to provide them with a level of visibility and control, with customer service levels that are envied by our competitors.

We are often asked by our clients “what sets us apart from our competition” as we know everyone professes to be the best! We at Black Telematics Box, understand that “its you that makes us different” as 87% of our business is built on referrals – yes from our existing customers – so why not speak to them today.

“The BTB solution is part of our customer efficiency & care commitment, BTB have grown with us and understood our needs.”

Why not have a look at our GPS Tracking Products along with their features and benefits, to find the right Tracking solution for your company:

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Alternatively, our tracker system sales teams would be delighted to provide you with a free live online tracking demo or an estimate ROI calculation to help you work out the benefits you’ll gain from Black Telematics Box GPS / GPRS  Vehicle Assets/Plant & People Tracking Products.

Vehicle Tracking System Benefits

Black Telematics Box delivers real operational and business benefits to fleets; reducing fuel consumption, verifying time sheets and claims, eradicating private out-of-hours vehicle use, facilitating more jobs per employee, improving service levels and protecting company vehicles against theft.

Save Fuel
Reduce your fuel bill with Black Telematics Box visibility & reporting. Direct Teams to projects efficiently. Eliminate unapproved private journeys.
Save Time
Employees are your most expensive resource. Eliminate costly inefficiencies and save your workforce time with Black Telematics Box.
Increase Profitability
An efficient fleet is a profitable fleet. Black Telematics Box helps your organisation improve it’s bottom-line. We deliver ROI.
Improve Driver Behaviour
Black Telematics Box also help monitor and improve safe driving practices of fleet drivers. Our solutions help with the key tasks of; monitoring driver behaviour;  and reducing driver distraction.

If you’d like to discuss the details of our Business Tracking Systems, complete our ‘Quote me’ form or contact us now.