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GPS Tracking Systems for VehiclesAssets & People

Black Telematics Box vehicle tracking system and employee behaviour solutions assists businesses in managing their remote vehicles,  assets  and people  live, from the convenience of  their PC, desktop, tablet or smartphone. We will help you, by providing a live map and management data  to visualise where your staff, fleet and plant are at all times in real-time.

Our Tracking Product Range

Vehicle Tracking Systems
van-fleet-home-smlTrack your vehicles in real-time. Access your vehicle tracking system anytime 24/7 providing your business with instant efficiencies, such as closest vehicle to the next job & improved customer service. Improve driving styles while reducing risks by being able to monitor your employees driving behaviour events, such as harsh acceleration, braking or cornering etc..saving fuel & vehicle wear & tear. The vehicle tracker system provides real-time productivity improvements, to your business with instant electronic time sheets, fuel costings and mileage reports etc..for HMRC compliance.

Asset Tracking Systems
asset trackingKnow the whereabouts of  your business assets. Visibility & Control of your plant and machinery in real time. The management reporting suite delivers you asset information everything from running/idling  hours to plant utilisation. Protection of your plant is simple, clients can simple set an electronic perimeter around the piece of plant or machinery and if the asset moves into or out with that location the tracker system produces a real time alert to the nominated recipients directly to their mobile device. You can also view all your plant and machinery live from your mobile device. 

People Tracking Systems
people-tracking-home-gallerMonitor your peoples behaviour & safety. Our software & application provides our clients with the ability to track, monitor and locate their family friends,loved ones, remote workers or employees. Our systems & applications locates exact GPS location of the individual along with their historical profile. Our tracking & behaviour systems monitors everything your employee does right down the their individual driving styles & driver behaviour. You no longer have to manually manage your remote workers or your mobile workforce. So whether you need a constant update of your employees position or just a clock in or clock out via GPS then we have the solution.

Tracking System Offers
offers-home-smlSee our latest offers. We pride ourselves on keeping things simple and that includes our tracking system and service offers. We believe in providing all clients with a value for money proposition, in simple terms, we aim to beat any competition on Service, Product & Price. So if you have an idea of a win win business proposition, then we promise to listen, after all we don’t have all the ideas.

Tracking your Business Benefits

We deliver ROI, often within days:

  • Reduced Fuel Costs.
  • Improved Vehicle Efficiencies.
  • Increased Staff Productivity.
  • Improved Vehicle & Staff Response Times.
  • Reduce Road Risk & Accidents.
  • Improve Customer Delight.

Why choose Us?

  • Flexible Agreements.
  • No Contracts or Leases.
  • Simple System User Interface.
  • Multi-platform Data Access.
  • Best of Breed Software & Hardware.
  • Vehicle Data Security & Secure Access.
  • Choice of Hardwired or Plug & Play Vehicle Tracking Units.

Our customers

We serve our clients throughout the UK and Ireland.


We are delighted for you to talk to our clients directly. After all why take our word for it, as they will tell you as it is “The real life return on their investment”. So whether its a full vehicle tracking system and Driver Behaviour or a Stolen Vehicle Recovery System to a Usage Based Insurance solution Black Telematics Box delivers solutions.

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