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Driver ID

Who’s Driving & Where? 

Our Driver ID System tells you exactly who’s driving, and the exact location of your vehicles. Today it’s a key tool for every business that operates a pool of vehicles with multiple drivers. With Driver ID, you can manage your resources and maintain your duty of care; linking driving license records, to ensure drivers only drive vehicles they’re qualified for.

Benefits of Driver ID

  • Gain real-time information about your drivers activity.
  • Gain insights about your vehicles activity.
  • Automate your employee time-sheet’s.
  • Ensure the right driver is carrying out the work you allocated.
  • Identify and reward efficient and safe drivers. Identify development opportunities in other drivers.
  • Be alerted when unidentified or unqualified drivers are operating your vehicles.
  • Gain 100% visibility of your mobile workforce, helping ensure maximum productivity.

System Features

  • Minimal hardware
  • Visible detailed information
  • Work and privacy modes
  • Licence and vehicle compliance
  • Minimal administration

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