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Tracking Vehicles (BTB)

vehicle tracking

Black Telematics Box provides real time vehicle tracking systems & fleet telematics solutions our vehicle tracking system has been specifically designed to maximise the productivity and optimise your vehicle efficiencies utilising the most advanced reliable and robust gps vehicle tracking technology available today.

Our vehicle tracking system provides total visibility and control over your fleet vehicles and enables you to unlock the potential of your business while reducing costs, increase productivity and customer improve service.  Black Telematics box have incorporated Driver Behavior system within several of vehicle tracking offers.


  • Intuitive / Simple to use software
  • Locate Nearest Vehicle
  • Real time / Live, web-based (no downloads) vehicle tracking system
  • Vehicle tracking system with fully function interactive satellite mapping
  • Multi-Journey Replay / Playback
  • User Define the maps adding you Customers, Points of Interest, Barred Locations
  • User Define your maps with Entry & Exit Alerting
  • Full Management Reporting suit on demand or Email Scheduled Reporting
  • Driver behavior road risk reducer
  • True Speed Management Profiling


  • Increase employee efficiency & productivity providing more jobs per day
  • Automates time-sheets and removes any false overtime claims
  • Improved call out times to customers
  • Reduction in accidents & driving behaviour
  • Fuel consumption reductions
  • A green company strategy & CO2 reduction
  • Company vehicle protection against theft & protect your companies insurance premium
  • Record business & private use for HRMC compliance & stop private vehicle use & false mileage claims

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