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Vehicle CCTV

CCTV In Cab Video CameraBlack Telematics Box provides industry leading Vehicle CCTV from Roadhawk

Our cameras are designed in the UK for Commercial and Domestic vehicles, our partner Roadhawk manufacture a full range of quality black box camera systems that capture video, audio, GPS and G-Force information.

Why You Need Vehicle CCTV?

  • Each time a fleet driver is involved in an accident; their employer has to sell more than £22,000 of products or services to cover the costs.
  • FSG’s recent research of two clients reveals that, assuming a net profit margin of 5% and that the ‘true’ cost of crashes – lost orders and output, salaries, administration costs, legal fees and general business interruption – is three times the claims cost, each accident has a cost per claim of £1,116.
  • Client A had 156 crashes over a three-year period. Geoffrey Bray, FSG chairman, says: “That meant that the company had to sell goods to the value of £3.5 million simply to cover the cost of the crashes. Such a large figure is alarming and should act as a wake-up call to all businesses.”
  • Many companies exceed 30%, which means a third of their drivers are involved in an accident every year.
  • Caroline Scurr, the campaign director of “Driving for Better Business” says: “Reducing the number of crashes involving at work drivers is proven to save thousands and, in the case of large fleets, millions of pounds. In addition, cutting the carnage improves business efficiency and the image of an organisation.”
  • As companies start building for growth and begin increasing their mileage, the likelihood of accidents occurring rises. By implementing policies that tackle accidents, they can substantially reduce costs, increase productivity and contribute to safer roads. This means the revenue made from its products or services goes to the bottom line instead of being funneled off to pay for accident damage.

 Roadhawk CCTV Features

  • Safe Driving is no accident. Our systems assist your business to work toward improving you operatives driving, potentially lowering insurance claims and reducing your uninsured loss.

  • Our systems will help improve your company’s safety record and overall safety image.

  • Integration of Roadhawk with BTB Vehicle Tracking ensures effective documentation of vehicles location & speed, to ensure validation of any insurance claims.

  • Roadhawk will help identify drivers who practice safe driving, as well as those who require driver training to improve their safety habits. 

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