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Best Practice

Black Telematics Box are experts in the world of Tracking & Tracker Systems, and our in-house personnel are able to offer best-practice deployment. We’re always happy to discuss your business requirements, and to help map out your best practice installation. Feel free to contact us now.

System Installation

Black Telematics Box provides full installation, support and training to ensure a successful implementation of your business tracking system. We employ nationwide service technicians 7 days a week, and manage the complete set-up within your fleet.  Some of our products don’t require ‘professional installation’, and we can hold your hand through an in-house setup.

System Support

We believe the sale of a business tracking system is only the start of our relationship. We take pride  in supporting customers from the point the order is received, right through to the customer vehicle tracking  renewal. If you have any questions, or in the unlikely event that you have a problem we provide a 24/7 support.

System Training

Every customer uses their system differently, and we deliver hands-on training to ensure they gain the maximum benefits. And although our systems are highly intuitive and easy to use, many of our customers benefit from that little bit more support our training provides.

If you’d like to discuss the details of an installation further contact us now.