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People Tracking Systems


Visibility of People 

When it’s vital that you’re able to monitor the behaviour of your employees and track People, our tracking solutions make this possible.

We provide a range of  People Behaviour, Tracking & Monitoring Systems to ensure you have discreet but highly accurate visibility control of your mobile work force. Our People Tracking Systems include the following :

Driver Behaviour reduces your staff road risk and provides your business with a better level of duty of care.

Driver ID provides your business with the visibility & accountability of each member of your team out on the road.

DVLA Licence Checking is an electronic way of ensuring all of your employees licences are up to date and you are road compliant.

Vehicle CCTV ensures your employees who driver the company vehicles are exonerated if there is a no fault accident or indeed a crash for cash.

Personal Tracking benefits your lone workers and provides such functionality in an accident or emergency situation like the man down/panic function.

Employee Tracking is a clever, yet unobtrusive way of ensuring employee onsite attendance and fantastic customer service tool. without having full tracking of your employees.

If you’d like to discuss the details of our People Behaviour & Tracking Systems, complete our ‘Quote me’ form or contact us now.

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