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Driver Behaviour Tracking


Watch Your Employees Driving 

Our Driver Behaviour Tracking System allows you to review individual driver behaviour and your overall fleet’s performance – in real time. Monitor individual driver traits: – speeding, average speed, engine on-time, vehicle idling, vehicle mileage, number of stops, harsh braking and acceleration. Improve driving behaviour and you reduce costs in fuel and poor practices. 

Benefits of Driver Behavioural Tracking

  • Reduce accidents, claims, down-time, costs.
  • Improve your fleets overall economy by encouraging drivers to drive safely & green.
  • Gain real-time information about your driver, or fleets activity.
  • Tailor training based on individual driving patterns.
  • Identify and reward efficient and safe drivers.
  • Be alerted when unidentified or unqualified drivers are operating your vehicles.
  • Measure company specific Key Performance Indicators.


System Features

  • Minimal hardware
  • Multi-device reporting.
  • Visible detailed information
  • Work and privacy modes
  • Licence and vehicle compliance
  • Minimal administration
  • Setup business KPI objectives.
  • analytic management tool
  • one click criteria sort, allows drilling for meaningful information.

* Price displayed excludes VAT.

System Modules Quick View

The following modules are available with  a  Black Telematics Box, Driver Behaviour Tracking System. Hover over the icons for a systems quick view.

Live Tracking

Real-time visibility of your company vehicles

Bing Maps

Use Microsoft mapping to see your vehicle on the map

Route Replay

See the routes your vehicles have taken


See project time-sheets, driver behaviour, staff local, and more

Multiple Views

View your vehicles exactly how you wish to track them


Find the nearest vehicle to your next location


Analyse staff driving behaviour: speeding, cornering, braking

Geo Fencing

Create e-territories for your vehicles. Get alerted if they’re crossed

Green Strategy

With full visibility of your fleet, reduce your vehicles emissions and footprint

If you’d like to discuss the details of our Driver Behaviour Tracking System, complete our ‘Quote me’ form or contact us now.

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