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Driver Behaviour Improvement

Driver-Behaviour-ProcessOur Driver Behaviour  improvement process

The set-up process is so simple, once installed your vehicle or fleet, the device consistently tracks, monitors and sends behavioural data whenever your vehicle is in motion. The system will provide you with meaningful and relevant driving behavior and driving style information to improve your drivers performance, while reducing the number of fleet associated accidents and enhance fleet safety and risk along with identifying driver training needs, including all our standard features of vehicle tracking.

Some driver behaviour you possibly didn’t realise – the facts

“Fuel savings of up to 33% can be made by modifying a driver’s behaviour. By simply modifying your employees harsh driving and poor driver behaviour by encouraging those to modify their driving style”.

Aggressive driving

“Is characterised by rapid acceleration, over-speeding, over-revving and harsh braking”.

The difference

“In fuel consumption between aggressive and smooth driving. Aggressive driving can increase fuel consumption by as much as 33% yet only reduces travel time by around 4%”!

Shell Fuel Save’s

“Recent study involving around 8,000 motorists concluded that the best way to save on fuel is to drive smoothly by avoiding fast acceleration and harsh braking”.

Fuel economy

“Is maximised when acceleration and braking are minimised”.
Up to 50% of total fuel savings ”Can be achieved by keeping it smooth and changing up to higher gears at 2,000-2,500 rpm.


These areas and you could reduce company fuel costs by as much as 20%”.

Driver behaviour factors

These Driver behaviour factors such as overall impaired driving smoothness caused by harsh braking, acceleration & cornering, speed as well as the cost based factors such as journeys, miles driven, and time spent idling are among the data that the system will provide to analytically improve your fleets performance. The scores are based on specific observations and severity of the driving styles, are identified using the Driver “traffic light system” (Red, Amber) identifying individual journey and driver performance.

There are many different factors that dictate driver behaviour such as traffic conditions, daytime or night time driving. No matter what the associated driving behaviour factors are the Black Telematics box gps vehicle tracking system will continue to aggregate this information accordingly and through the reporting and visual display provide your business will be able to take the necessary corrective action.

Without proper monitoring and training the percentage of Red flagged drivers can mean the difference between a company running efficiently or defending a court case.

If you have been searching for the more cost effective way of looking at the issue of improved driver behaviour or performance then Black Telematics box driver behaviour and performance gps vehicle tracking system has that simple solution to hand.