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Driver ID – Benefits

Automated Driver ID SystemDo you need to control which driver is driving each vehicle? Black Telematics Box Automated Driver Identification is the answer.

Does you office ever find it hard to reconcile speeding or parking tickets?  With our system the vehicle & the driver are clearly identified which enables you to use Black Telematics Box live tracking & reporting to confirm. If you have to manage a stiuation that has occurrred through a vehicle being driven & you need to have a chat with the driver, but you dont know who has been using the vehicle as it has various drivers, well the Driver ID system will allow you to verify the driver.

The Driver ID system is an option our Locate GPRS Vehicle Tracking System, the Driver Identification provides you with the following key information within the reports:

  • Driver Journey Report showing time started/finished/driving and allowing the company to ensure working time directive compliance
  • Driver Electronic Time Sheet showing a summarised view of all events within each working week
  • Driving time by drivers
  • Idling time by drivers
  • Over speed by drivers
  • Time at stops by drivers
  • Late Starts & Early Finishes by drivers

So if you have require clarity in your fleet and personnel as you have frequent driver reassignment in vehicles then choose Black Telematics Box Automated Driver Identification system.