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Driver ID & How it works

Automated Driver ID SystemThe Driver ID key fob is unique to each driver and this is integrated with the gps vehicle tracking system in every vehicle, it is very simple to use, the driver simply uses the drive id key fob to “sign-into” each vehicle recording each individual journey made by that driver within each of the company vehicles.

The Driver ID key reader is programmed to the gps vehicle tracking unit in the vehicle and this is installed at the same time as the gps vehicle tracking unit. The Driver ID key reader is installed on the vehicle’s dashboard, the driver simply has to touch the Driver ID key against the Driver ID key reader, at the start of every journey, the system records each of these events and highlights this on the gps live tracking software in real time as well as throughout the dynamic reporting suite.

Driver ID system integrates fully with the gps vehicle tracking system seamlessly so you can gather the most detailed picture of each drivers’ activity and utilise or compare this data with any other back office systems to reduce the administrative time in correlating hours worked or false claims, supporting documentation to parking tickets or speeding offences.

The Driver ID System is used in conjunction with our GPS Vehicle Tracking System and the Driver ID key fob is sometimes referred to as “Vehicle Driver i-Button”