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Employee Tracking Q & A

  • When is our employee’s time and GPS location tracked?

The GPS employee time and location tracking system stops the moment they clock out, this makes it such a unique and fantastic business tool. There are many scenarios where this system can be deployed, such as one of your employees who uses their own vehicle or indeed do not have a vehicle. Or you are looking for a clock on and off system that provides you with accurate time and location recording, but you are also looking for a system that provides, employee privacy out with working hours. Or maybe a system is which covers for grey fleet or occasional users. Well our system covers all of these scenarios and many more. Corporate legislation now requires businesses to cover all different Health and safety issues, such as knowing if your employees were on or off site, if you have any of these issues or generally, you need help on how to show a duty of care to your employees then contact us today.

  • Does Every Employee require a mobile device?

No – Your business can operate this GPS employee time and location recording tracking system utilising just a single device.

  • Can I use a single mobile device to Clock On/Off more than one employee?

Yes – Multiple employees can use their unique employee ID to Clock & On/Off.

  • How will this save my business money?

The Employee GPS time, location & job clocking system will provide you with the ability to manage your field based employees remotely by utilising our GPS employee time and location recording tracking system which provides you with the visibility and control of your employee’s time potentially saving your business thousands of pounds every year in over-paid wages.

  • Can i have access to reports anytime anywhere in real-time?

All of your information is available to you anywhere you can access the internet in highly customisable reports. The exact information you want can be pinpointed by filtering based on employee, job, and time frame and displayed in a variety of formats. Any report you create or view can be saved for later with the click of a button, and a favorite report can be set to automatically open every time you log in. Reports can be exported to PDF or Excel for offline access, record keeping, or payroll services.