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Personal Tracker Customer Groups

Blackbox Bubble Black Telematics box personal tracking device (known as the” Bubble”) uses the most technically advanced          GPS  and mobile technology, our personal tracker provides safety & independence along with freedom to          those   employees you show a duty of care too, while providing the reassurance and peace of mind that help is  not  far   away if they should require it.


BB Personal Tracking Our personal tracker is not only a GPS personal tracking device, and panic alarm, it can be pre-programmed to  alert other members of staff, which provides your business peace of mind that you have visibility of your field  based operatives, without the expense of providing them with a mobile phone, also further features such as the  listen in facility should your field based staff need to be supported.

Vulnerable Sectors

Vunerable People The feedback we receive is they use the personal tracking devices is throughout many varied sectors of industry,  some of the industries we have supplied have found they require the personal trackers as their employees exposed in  the workplace to violence, incidents or the accidents

We have highlighted some of the workers who are at greater risk:

  • Taxi drivers
  • Meter readers
  • Remote workers
  • Crane operators
  • Warehouse staff
  • Diplomatic staff & VIP’s
  • Driver / transport worker
  • Home helps, care assistants
  • Police & parking attendants
  • Delivery and postal workers
  • Facility maintenance & cleaners
  • Shop and service sector workers
  • Health visitors , nursing staff & doctors
  • Medical reps and pharmaceutical deliveries


BB Personal tracking 1 Our personal tracking device offers you a very cost-effective and compact GPS tracking device that is well  suited to applications such as tracking children, vulnerable adults, elderly and support to people suffering  from Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Our personal tracking provides peace of mind to families, friends & carers  as well as enabling the individual to raise an alarm should the need arise. The personal tracker provides  assistive technology in today’s world, ensuring the personal tracking wearer is located within minutes if  they are lost or fail to return home, it can also send an alert if they have fallen and are finding it hard to mobilise themselves again.