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Personal Tracking Features

Black Telematics Box  Bubble



  • Small, light and concealable (The device measures 79 x 42 x 18mm and weighs just 70g).
  • Supplied with belt pouch

Blackbox Bubble price

  • Supplied with mains charger & USB cable (car charger optional).
  • Rugged
  • Simple to operate
  • Panic mode: User can press the panic button, which will give the user a vibrate feedback that their panic has been sent to the nominated responder by email.
  • Power saving functions
  • Web-based operability and easy integration with other software and systems
  • Industry leading SiRF Star III GPS for high signal reception, sensitivity and accuracy
  • LED indicators for GPS signal, GPRS signal and battery power
  • View your assets using your mobile device anywhere anytime.

Additional Features 


The personal tracker has a ‘Parking Geofence’ function that can act as an anti-theft device. If the unit moves away from its set location an alert will be sent via email.

Configurable Geofences 

In addition to the Parking Goefence, the personal tracking unit can also be configured with an unlimited number of standard Geofences using the Black Telematics box web interface.

Event-triggered Alerts 

The personal tracking unit can automatically send multiple alerts via , email or SMS:

  • ‘SOS’ or ’Help’ buttons are activated
  • Man-down alert is triggered
  • Device strays inside or outside a Geofence zone
  • Low battery level

Locate using iPhone Device

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