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Lone Worker GPS Device

BTB-bubble_trackerLone Working

Our highly effective simple to use lone working device collects all the positional information on each of your lone workers. The information collected by the lone worker GPS tracking System enables businesses to see exactly where someone is, and what time they arrived onsite.

Personal Location Tracking Device

The personal tracking device is very compact and can be located on the lone worker or in their vehicle. The lone working system incorporates the latest in tracking technologies, providing the user with all the positional & time information, this is transmitted to a cloud-based server every minute, providing the end user with a very accurate position and trail of the lone worker on road and satellite mapping at any time. Your information can be viewed via a web based application and can also be downloaded into report format, at any time from its own SQL database.

The lone worker feature of the software allows the lone worker to raise an alert via a panic facility on the personal tracking device; companies also use this feature to have their lone workers check in onto the software at regular time intervals as a means of an audit trail. An alert can be sent via SMS (text message) or an email to a remote phone(s) or smart phone(s), therefore the lone worker can be monitored 24/7 minute by minute even out with the business premises or hours.

Start times, routes taken and arrival times are now visible from the software application; there is now even the ability to use our system via an iPhone or Android device providing your management team with mobile flexibility.

A great new management feature is the ability to view multiple staff positions on the screen at one time, allowing a manager to easily decide which individual is closest to a location, ie.a maintenance or sales call.