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Road Hawk – DC2 Camera Reviews

S James on 08/10/2014
4 reviews
I can honestly say the best customer service I have had since I’ve been shopping online is from this company. Very pleased with my new DC-2 dashcam. Would not hesitate to recommend this product to friends and family.

Jen on 03/10/2014
4 reviews
I fitted this to my mini about 2 weeks ago and super impressed at this little camera. It was easy to install and the software is easy to use. I had a question about the files and RoadHawk called me back within 10 mins of writing an email to them. Love it to bits…thanks. Jen xxx

Simon N on 03/10/2014
4 reviews
I have been using a DC1 for a couple of years in my previous car. The GPS did not work very well due to the heated front windscreen. My new car, also with a heated windscreen , had the same problem. I have just changed to a DC2, not only is the picture quality better but it picked up the GPS signal within seconds with it placed in the same position on the windscreen. I can only assume that the GPS module has been improved as well as the camera. The ability to plug in the external GPS was one of the reasons for buying the DC2, fortunately I didn’t buy it until I had tried the camera out.

J Bird on 19/09/2014
4 reviews
I bought the DC-1 two years ago and got an email recently offering me a £50 trade in. New DC-2 camera arrived this weekend and installed exactly the same place as my old camera. The video quality is a HUGE jump up from my previous camera. The software is a vast improvement over the last version and now I can use it on our MAC which means i can finally put out ageing windows laptop to sleep (for good). I’m planning to buy a 128gb SD card when the prices come down,I haven’t seen a single other camera on the market that can accept such high capacity cards. I’m extremely impressed with the Roadhawk DC-2 dash camera and Roadhawk’s customer service is a credit to itself. Only one criticism it would be the button on the back of the camera for disabling audio is no longer there but saying that, I never used that anyway and you can turn the audio off in the software. 10/10…well done guys and well done for designing a camera in the UK!