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Asset Tracking


What would you do if your companies Assets disappeared? 

We provide our clients the ultimate protection of their construction or plant hire equipment by providing accurate – GPS Location Tracking, Efficiency Monitoring; and Maintenance Servicing of their assets & plant machinery. We deliver low cost plant & asset tracking with full monitoring software that provides complete visibility & control over mobile assets & plant. So whatever you track you can trace.

System Benefits

  • Improved asset efficiency from knowing the exact location of all assets at any given time.
  • Reduced operational costs by ensuring assets are always in the right location.
  • Increased revenues by maximizing asset utilisation and reducing equipment downtime.
  • Knowing when your plant or machinery requires servicing – via running hours.
  • Increased security over high-value assets.
  • Reduced insurance claims or uninsured loss.
  • The system is designed with ease of use in mind, facilitating instant location of an asset or machine the minute you require to check, e.g., when there is a suspicion or attempted theft.
  • Facilitate many varied requirements, such as hours reporting for Plant Machinery and full Generators management solutions.


System Features

  • View an asset’s movement in real time.
  • Receive notification when the asset triggers an alert such as entering or exiting a defined area.
  • View unauthorised or out of hours usage.
  • Monitor running hours – when the equipment or plant is idling.
  • Designed specifically to meet the needs of the construction & plant hire industry.
  • Rugged but versatile.
  • Compact in size allowing it to be installed on all sizes of assets: tractors, excavators, dumpers, compressors, chippers, harvesters, forwarders, diggers, earthmovers, JCBs, 3CXs, backhoe loader, static rollers and even crushers.

* Price displayed excludes VAT.

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