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Vehicle Tracking – FAQs

This is a section was put together to hopefully aid your fact finding, and form part of your decision process, our clients told us this would have been useful when they were making their decision and it would have reduced their need to make as many calls and emails, so we hope it assists.

Q. Can I view my vehicles from any number of internet connected PC’s?
A. Yes, you have the ability to view all your vehicles 24/7, minute by minute simultaneously on as many PC’s at the same time.

Q. Is free software upgrades part of the package?

A. Yes, the good news is as the software is upgraded they will happen automatically, there is nothing to install or download and should your require additional training to make the most of these features this is free too.

Q. Is there any “Hidden extras with Black Telematics box”?

A. No, we ensure there is not only no hidden charges but also our system is supplied at a fixed cost, and that is guaranteed.

Q. Do I have to pay for any mapping, licensing fees or any additional tracking costs?
A. No, when we say no hidden extras that includes all of these fees.

Q. How is the system fitted to our vehicles?
A. Well that’s the best part of all, there are no visible signs our engineer has even been near your vehicle therefore there are no warranty issues and your operative will not know unless you tell them, as the system is fitted covertly.

Q. Do we need to do anything within our business to prepare for the system?
A. Nope, it’s simple we install the system at your premises of choice and as there is no software to download this make it a non invasive system deployment.

Q. What technology does your system provide?
A. We provide a easy to use, GPS Satellite Tracking System, allowing your vehicle to be located in real time, the unit is constantly recording and streaming this information live to our servers via the Data Network (GPRS). This should not be confused with mobile tower location systems which are land based and do not provide the same accuracy.

Q. How often does your system report back to us?
A. Great news, so no long delays as it real time, this means we transfer the data every sixty seconds which is live, this positional information is then displayed on your web based Black Telematics box software.

Q. What makes you different from all the other Vehicle Tracking Suppliers?
A. We would ask you to judge that for yourself, by allowing us to demonstrate our software live, this way you can join our large client base who chose us partly because they were not sold to and the system was easy to use.

Q. Do you use third party leasing companies?
A. No, we fund everything internally, we do not use third party funders, and therefore there are no interest charges, no administration or setup fees, just one simple monthly payment.

Q. Do you use reconditioned equipment, like some of the other suppliers?

A. No, we supply new equipment and warrant it for the full term of the agreement you are with us.

Q. So What about the warranty, what does it cover?
A. Simple, New for old, no quibble, no hassle, we come to you at our cost and replace it as required.

Q. How do I place an order?
A. Contact us today, we will have you up and running extremely quickly, as everything is provided in-house.
Thank You for these questions, we would be glad to answer any additional ones you may think of, we look forward to hearing from you shortly.