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Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing ButtonA geo-fence is a boundary or virtual perimeter around a geographic location or area that you are able to create on the Black Telematics box system map. You can simply draw this & dynamically generate it as a radius or polygon around a point or location. The geo-fence can be a predefined set of boundaries, like a customer location or an employee’s home. The geo fence is used where you or a client requires to be notified when a vehicle enters or leaves this electronic boundary (Watch box or Geo Fence). The device notifies you remotely by email.

This dynamic location is used in number of different ways where something leaves or enters a designated area, or something is time critical and the user requires to be notified or a method of security where it is necessary to know when it moves in or out. It can also be simply to measure any unauthorised use of the vehicle in or out of normal business hours, like an automated electronic time sheet.

The system has a Geo Zone Monitoring report which can be used as an addition audit trail to the movements in and out of these areas.

Create Different Types of Zones or Boundary Alerts

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