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Green Strategy Saves Fuel & The Enviroment

Are you considering your fleet’s carbon footprint?

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Black Telematics box can help reduce the pressure that businesses face today in the reduction of their carbon footprint; the system will help play a role by reducing emissions within their vehicle fleets, by providing real time greener practices along with tools to produce quantitative measures of the carbon footprints. When a business adopts these green solutions it will directly

improves their business in the way of fuel savings while benefiting the planet.

  • Reduction in unnecessary journeys
  • Reduction in idling – measure while stationary
  • Improve MPG – Use reporting to measure CO2 emissions, fuel usage
  • Reduction in private vehicle use – Out of hours use
  • Identification of the nearest vehicle
  • Reduction in speeding – System alerting real time deals with the issue live
  • Identification of nearest vehicle to depots – reduce wasted Journeys
  • Maximisation of fleet – Driver training and reassessment , ongoing policy
  • Routing – Review routing i.e. Planned against actual for more efficient journeys
  • Traffic management – Using Live information to avoid traffic queues
  • Accurate Service Notification – Fleet reporting on servicing & maintenance, to help improve fleet efficiency

Current figures indicate that improving driver behaviour can yield savings of 5-15% on fuel usage.

The transport & service sector is responsible for 28% of the total CO2 emissions in the EU, so let Black Telematics box assist you drive down your Carbon Footprint.

See our Vehicle Tracking Features

Live Tracking

Real-time visibility of your company vehicles

Bing Maps

Use Microsoft mapping to see your vehicle on the map

Route Replay

See the routes your vehicles have taken

Asset Proximity

See your vehicles in relation to projects and customer sites


See project time-sheets, driver behaviour, staff local, and more


Receive instant updates: who’s arrived or existed a location?

Service Records

Know when your vehicles require maintainance

Multiple Views

View your vehicles exactly how you wish to track them


Find the nearest vehicle to your next location

Journey Cost

Calculates the cost of your journey: cost p/mile & cost p/hour


Analyse staff driving behaviour: speeding, cornering, braking

Geo Fencing

Create e-territories for your vehicles. Get alerted if they’re crossed

PTO Sensors

Use our reporting tools to see if ‘Add-on’ vehicle equipment is in use

Green Strategy

With full visibility of your fleet, reduce your vehicles emissions and footprint

Points of Interest

Add client locations, project sites, and other points of interest onto your map