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Servicing & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance buttonThe Fleet management module records your fleet details & the servicing & maintenance requirements for your business. This module is a basic tool designed to be developed dependent on the clients requirements, so if you have a product scope and you are fed up looking at tracking systems that don’t cover your Fleet Management business needs then why not let us develop this to suit your bespoke business software needs.

Black Telematics box Full Fleet Management software option;

Are you fed up with expensive providers & are looking for someone willing to listen to your Fleet Management Software needs?  By understanding exactly how you manage your fleet, we can ensure the system blends seamlessly with your business’s existing systems and processes. Whether you run a fleet of 5 or 5000, the system will provide you with the very best in fleet management software and a flexible range of supporting services to match your specific fleet requirements.

Core products and services include:

The widely acclaimed Online Fleet Management System        
Completely unique software…straightforward and user-friendly, with numerous integration options.

Car, Van, HGV, Machinery and Grey Fleet management
Whatever vehicles make up your fleet, our software is fully geared up to handle all associated tasks and administration.

Driver Management Tools
Watertight processes including electronic licence checking, medical and incident recording, driver training and alerts.

Organisational processes
Invaluable assistance including fleet policy advice, cost analysis, driver handbook template and electronic document storage.

Fuel management 
Simple, innovative ways of controlling your fuel costs through enhanced MPG analysis, smart fuelcard products and driver education.

Vehicle Management

  • Every service, MOT, tax and insurance renewal is alerted well in advance, giving you time to take action
  • Proactive vehicle safety check process built in to the system, with alerts and downloadable check sheets
  • Tyre management module for recording and monitoring of tread depths and projected replacements
  • Mileages collected in a variety of manual and electronic ways, giving greater flexibility and system accuracy
  • Garage advisory repairs fully recorded with time/mileage interval alerts to ensure they are never overlooked
  • A detailed and highly robust audit trail of all vehicle maintenance and usage history; a crucial element of a compliant fleet policy.

Driver Management

  • Fully underwritten Driver Handbook template, easily editable and with free legislation updates for life
  • Electronic licence checking direct with DVLA – with fully automated service available
  • Easy recording of individual medical information, training completed/required and incidents
  • Online document storage facility eases access to essential driver paperwork
  • Driver risk profiling will help you identify your ‘high risk drivers’ and ultimately address the associated issues
  • Numerous driver education tools available, from factsheets and training literature right up to workshops and courses.
  • A range of downloadable HR form templates for commonly requested fleet-related activities

See our Vehicle Tracking Features

Live Tracking

Real-time visibility of your company vehicles

Bing Maps

Use Microsoft mapping to see your vehicle on the map

Route Replay

See the routes your vehicles have taken

Asset Proximity

See your vehicles in relation to projects and customer sites


See project time-sheets, driver behaviour, staff local, and more


Receive instant updates: who’s arrived or existed a location?

Service Records

Know when your vehicles require maintainance

Multiple Views

View your vehicles exactly how you wish to track them


Find the nearest vehicle to your next location

Journey Cost

Calculates the cost of your journey: cost p/mile & cost p/hour


Analyse staff driving behaviour: speeding, cornering, braking

Geo Fencing

Create e-territories for your vehicles. Get alerted if they’re crossed

PTO Sensors

Use our reporting tools to see if ‘Add-on’ vehicle equipment is in use

Green Strategy

With full visibility of your fleet, reduce your vehicles emissions and footprint

Points of Interest

Add client locations, project sites, and other points of interest onto your map