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Vehicle Sensors (PTO) Power Take-Off Status

PTO SwitchThe Black Telematics box GPS tracking system provides the option of reporting the vehicles digital PTO inputs engaged or disengaged status by monitoring the vehicles PTO On/Off in-cab indicator. This will allow the management team remote visibility of the ancillary equipment usage on their specialist vehicles, in addition to the On/Off ignition status.

The PTO engaged or disengaged status is displayed live on our vehicle tracking system so you will know when & where the vehicle operator  is using or has deployed the ancillary equipment and how long it was in use for.

We also provide you will full historical records of the PTO engaged or disengaged usage status, this information can be viewed via our management reports.

We cater for both Electrically & Pneumatically operated PTO’s installing the best of breed kit to deliver your information when required.

PTO – Vehicle Tracking System Monitors & Maximises Productivity

It is reported that for most of the time employees within businesses are conscientious and productive, however sometimes some are less time efficient than others. Many times human nature prevails, when an employee is left to there own devices  “when the cats away the mice will play” our existing clients report marked improvements occur when our PTO system is deployed within their vehicle fleet, ensuring they maximise the productivity and efficiency of all their field based operatives…… client statement “PTO monitoring makes a major impact to our bottom line”.

  • PTO use on Stationary Vehicles  – Know your vehicle is onsite and that the engine is idling for the correct reasons and your employee is actively utilising the vehicle-connected PTO and not just wasting time & fuel-idling.
  • PTO use on Moving Vehicles – If your vehicle is moving and the vehicle-connected PTO only opperates when your vehicle is in this mode you will be able to track not only the route in which the vehicle has take but you will also know for that journey how long and when the PTO was engages etc……
  • PTO verifies time sheets – A Vehicle tracking combined with a vehicle-connected  PTO allows businesses to verify their employees time sheets electronically. This information can be used to review where your employees were working, and whether they were operating equipment for the correct amount of time onsite. This also aid businesses more accurate invoices for customers.

Vehicle-connected PTOs add to help remote workers and help with safety monitoring and duty of care.

Industries who have PTO’s on their vehicles;

  • Hiab
  • Cranes
  • Mixers
  • Tanker
  • Tippers
  • Recovery
  • Fire Fighting
  • Gully Sweepers
  • Spraying & Jetting
  • Snow Plow & Winter Vehicles
  • Drainage cleaners & Sewage Vactor
  • Refuse Collection, Waste & Recycling
  • Vehicle Mounted Ancillary Engines & Generators

Please note some vehicles have technical limitations and do not allow for the PTO status sensor installation – you should always ask for technical assistance in this matter.

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