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Vehicle Trackers & Tracking



When your vehicles are your business, you need to know their whereabouts 

When your vehicles are the vital component of your business, their constant visibility and control is paramount. Black Telematics Box provides a range of GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems to ensure today’s vehicle dependent organisations have full visibility of their fleet. So please have a look at our wide selection of Vehicle Tracking Devices, Tracker Systems, Location Based Solutions, Mobile Tracking Applications & Car Tracker products from the UK premier vehicle tracking & stolen vehicle recovery specialist.

The core element of our business is the development and supply of premium vehicle tracking systems for fleets.

Our other interests are ensuring our clients vehicles are kept secure and if stolen they are able to be tracked, so we supply tracker systems to our clients to protect their precious assets.

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Vehicle tracking is an ever changing dynamic picture where managers were office based when they wanted to look at driver information, it is now apparent this is changing and we have now lunched our mobile application solution to allow your mobile staff who manage your fleet to be able to control and deploy your staff in real time in the field.

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We are often asked “is there a system we can install ourselves”, well that in itself is a question that covers many areas, as a vehicle tracking unit is normally installed and hard wired into the vehicle to protect it and monitor it, however we do now have an OBDII device that we deploy as our “Plug & Play” vehicle tracking unit that our customers can simply plug into the vehicle and they can monitor it without the downtime & additional installation costs of the conventional hardwired vehicle tracking systems, however we urge you to discuss your requirements with one of our team as there are additional benefits of the standard hardwired unit over the Plug & play unit.

Black Telematics Box Plug & Play Vehicle Tracking Unit

If you’d like to discuss the details of our Vehicle Tracking Systems, complete our ‘Quote me’ form or contact us now.

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Need to monitor employees driving? Or control who drives what?

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  • Intuitive / Simple to use software
  • Locate Nearest Vehicle
  • Real time / Live, web-based (no downloads) vehicle tracking system
  • Vehicle tracking system with fully function interactive satellite mapping
  • Multi-Journey Replay / Playback
  • User Define the maps adding you Customers, Points of Interest, Barred Locations
  • User Define your maps with Entry & Exit Alerting
  • Full Management Reporting suit on demand or Email Scheduled Reporting
  • Driver behavior road risk reducer
  • True Speed Management Profiling


  • Increase employee efficiency & productivity providing more jobs per day
  • Automates time-sheets and removes any false overtime claims
  • Improved call out times to customers
  • Reduction in accidents & driving behaviour
  • Fuel consumption reductions
  • A green company strategy & CO2 reduction
  • Company vehicle protection against theft & protect your companies insurance premium
  • Record business & private use for HRMC compliance & stop private vehicle use & false mileage claims
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