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Insurance Telematics System

Safe Driving

Black Telematics Box are vehicle telematics providers who deploy a simple driver behaviour system to measure how a person drives.

Our advanced telematics product delivers the a fully scoped offer, enabling re insurers, insurers and brokers alike to offer there own pay as you drive, usage based motor insurance products to their clients, in a very cost effective and efficient manner.

Drivers Data delivered for ease of claims handling for insurers and brokers – Usage based insurance / Pay as you drive insurance


The unit that is installed into the vehicle is a small black box, that simply measures how well you drive. The benefit of having one of these devices installed in a car, is that the person can now prove to their insurer how safe they drive with accurate driving data and trusted driving scores.

Driver Scoring

UBI - Driver Score

The unit measures areas of risk, such as;

  • Rapid Acceleration
  • Rapid Braking
  • Over Speeding
  • Excessive Cornering
  • Driving Time
  • Location
  • Accident information

 Driver or Fleet Scoring Chart


UBI - Driver Scoring Chart


Speed Chart


UBI - Speed Chart

 Speed Graph

UBI - Speed Graph

How does this effect my car insurance

Black Telematics Box, installed within your vehicle will help effect your insurance policy for the better – if we take a look at how it the insurance telematics unit works and how it assists you and your insurer.For drivers belonging to the commonly named “high-risk groups”, such as young and elderly drivers, normally find there insurance premium can be rather high, this is despite possibly only using their vehicles infrequently.We supply a solution to insurers and private individuals to help with their policy costs as the unit that is fitted to the vehicle counts the miles – the vehicles use and how it is being driven, and allows you and your insurer to reduce the road risks – by having this data it allows insurers to issue such policies such as, pay as you go insurance, or pay as you drive insurance. 

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