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Power Take-Off (PTO) Events Tracked

We understand that many businesses have vehicles within their fleets with different ancillary service functions. The ability to track, measure & monitor the functionality of these PTO actions can be critical to a business or indeed their client, Black Telematics Box delivers a simple cost effective solution that provides the client the ability to monitor live the deployment & use of their ancillary tools in the field.

Tracking the vehicles Power Take-Off  (PTO) events is made possible with our Electrical / Pneumatic PTO input sensor system, the PTO Even Log will  provide total visibility of the activity of most additional vehicle-connected equipment.

There are various essential situations where you business will require to monitor various applications on specialist equipment or vehicles. The Vehicle Power Take-Off  (PTO) events are recorded when the PTO is engaged on the vehicle-connected piece of equipment including
Tail Lifts

  • PTO – Hook &  Skip Lifts
  • PTO – Tail Lifts
  • PTO – Donkey Engines
  • PTO – Emergency lighting
  • PTO – Gritting Equipment
  • PTO – Driven Generators
  • PTO – Truck Mounted Compressors
  • PTO – Hiab Cranes
  • PTO – Demountables
  • PTO – Truck Mounted Forklifts
  • PTO – Pumps
  • PTO – Ancillary Equipment

DemountablesBlack Telematics Box PTO input sensor system is installed within your vehicle and integrates your vehicle-connected equipment seamlessly to the vehicle tracking unit installed in your vehicle. The PTO events can be viewed live within the vehicle tracking software, when your operative engages or disengages the vehicles PTO. The vehicle tracking system will capture this usage data from the PTO inputs. This usage data can be produced on a report to monitor where and when the PTO is used.



Ancillary vehicle equipment monitoring Increased return on resource investment
Live equipment usage Real time customer service
Historical equipment utilisation Client proof of service
Graphical Display – ON/ OFF Employee duty of care

Summary  – The PTO switch tracking enables the GPS tracking device to record when a Electrical or Pneumatic switched system is turned on (i.e. it events logged /captures each event each time & location that system’s in use). This could be used to monitor various on / off ancillary vehicle-connected applications.

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