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Vehicle Tracking Application

Vehicle Fleet ViewInstant hand held mobile business data in real-time.

Business now demands decisions on the go, it doesn’t stop when you’re away from your place of business, plus its not always convenient to access your office computer out of hours.

So whether your at home, holiday or on the road, the Black Telematics Box Mobile Application allows you to access the full positional & reported information about your fleet anytime, anywhere 24/7.


Receive your vehicle fleet information in real-time , providing you with the fingertip control your vehicles and labour in the field, providing a fast responsive service as your able to allocate the nearest employee to the next job.

BTB iPhone Application

Key Features:

  • Total driving, idling and standing time for the day selected
  • Total distance travelled for the day selected and top speed
  • Journey start and end times
  • Journey start and end addresses
  • Journey start and end Points of Interest
  • Journey distance and duration
  • Current ignition status
  • Vehicle Registration numbers
  • Driver ID
  • Latest heading, speed and location address
  • Up-to-date position, date and time

  • Registration number – Search
  • Vehicle selection – tap to plot

  • Journey Replay – pause, fast forward and zoom
  • Alternate between Standard, Hybrid or Satellite views

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