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Vehicle Tracking System


See Your Fleet in Motion, with our vehicle tracking system. React in Real-Time.

Our real time vehicle tracking system is a solutions that has been designed in-house to maximise the your fleets productivity and efficiency, no matter the fleet size.  We are often asked where are the savings to be made by deploying our vehicle tracking system & that’s the best part of all, its so simple – Saving on Fuel & Time. Our fleet tracker systems will allow your business to unlock your fleets true potential, while reducing on the road operating costs, increasing vehicle productivity and improving customer service. We have recently incorporated our Driver Behavior system within our vehicle tracking system to monitor and manage your mobile fleet while reducing your employees road risk, improve fuel consumption & reduce vehicle wear & tear. Our Driver Behaviour software is included within several of our Vehicle Tracking System packages.

Tracking System Modules Quick View

The following modules are available with a Black Telematics Box Vehicle Tracking System. Hover over the icons for a systems quick view.

Live Tracking

Real-time visibility of your company vehicles

Bing Maps

Use Microsoft mapping to see your vehicle on the map

Route Replay

See the routes your vehicles have taken

Asset Proximity

See your vehicles in relation to projects and customer sites


See project time-sheets, driver behaviour, staff local, and more


Receive instant updates: who’s arrived or existed a location?

Service Records

Know when your vehicles require maintainance

Multiple Views

View your vehicles exactly how you wish to track them


Find the nearest vehicle to your next location

Journey Cost

Calculates the cost of your journey: cost p/mile & cost p/hour


Analyse staff driving behaviour: speeding, cornering, braking

Geo Fencing

Create e-territories for your vehicles. Get alerted if they’re crossed

PTO Sensors

Use our reporting tools to see if ‘Add-on’ vehicle equipment is in use

Green Strategy

With full visibility of your fleet, reduce your vehicles emissions and footprint

Points of Interest

Add client locations, project sites, and other points of interest onto your map

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking System

  • Improve your fleets overall economy by encouraging drivers to drive safely & green.
  • Gain real-time information about your driver, or fleets activity.
  • Measure company specific Key Performance Indicators.
  • Our system is developed to unlock the potential of your business.
  • Very low cost  vehicle tracking system
  • Gain advantage over your competitors
  • No hidden extras with our system
  • Easy Fitting. No visible signs our engineer has even been near your vehicle,  therefore no warranty issues.
  • Covert installation. Vehicle operative will not know unless you tell them, that a system has been fitted.
  • No prepping required.  We install the system at your location of choice.
  • No third party leasing companies. Therefore no interest charges, no admin or setup fees, just one simple monthly payment.
  • View your vehicles from any number of internet connected PC’s
  • No paying for mapping, licensing fees or any additional tracking costs
  • Free software upgrades as part of the package.


Vehicle Tracking System Features

  • Minimal tracker hardware
  • Multi-tracking device reporting.
  • Business and Private modes – via Driver ID
  • Minimal back office administration
  • Ensure you meet your business KPI objectives.
  • Analytic management information at a glance.
  • Quick click criteria sort, allows drilling for meaningful vehicle & driver information.
  • Real time GPS vehicle tracking software supplied as a software as a service.
  • The most advanced GPS vehicle tracking technology available, on a secure robust platform.
  • Uses” Super-sense” GPS Satellite Tracking System, providing vehicle data accuracy in real time.
  • Constantly recording and streaming your information live to our servers
  • Utilises Cross Data Network (3G).
  • Recording Driver Behaviour events per Second as they happen & Live reporting every 60 seconds.
  • No Pre Owned or Reconditioned equipment. Our equipment is warranted for the full term of the agreement.
  • New for old warranty. No quibble, no hassle. We come to you at our cost and replace it as required.

* Price displayed excludes VAT.

If you’d like to discuss the details of our Vehicle Tracking System, complete our ‘Quote me’ form or contact us now.

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