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5 Ways Car Tracking Can Save You Money

How To Save MoneyIf your business uses vehicles, they may be costing you a lot more money that they need to.
Installing a car tracking device is an easy way to reduce everyday costs that vehicles add to your business. Here are some of the reasons why.

Save Fuel

Speeding, rapid acceleration, heavy breaking and leaving the engine on when the vehicle is stationary are all ways which waste fuel and can be avoided. Car tracking devices enable you to keep tabs on the driving habits of your drivers to see if they drive efficiently.

Settle Disputes

If a customer is complaining that they have not received a delivery or service by your drivers, car tracking will help prove your case. This will save you having to send another product out, which would cost your business even more time and money. It will also help to improve customer service by being able to give your customer a more accurate delivery time, encouraging them to choose your business again over your competitors.

Better Time Management

Car tracking lets you keep track of the route your drivers are taking to deliver your service. This allows you to manage your time more efficiently by sending the driver that is closest to the job, or by informing your drivers quicker and easier routes to take. It will also catch those lazy drivers out who have stopped for a cup of coffee!

Discounted Vehicle Insurance

Many car insurance companies offer a reduced premium rate by a significant amount to vehicles fitted with a car tracking device for various reasons. Even if you have one or one hundred vehicles, a cut to your insurance bill is bound to be a relief.

Reduce Paperwork

Having a car tracking device also abolishes the need for a lot of the administrative paperwork surrounding your vehicle. Time sheets, delivery records and other similar things are all stored on the device, meaning you can dedicate your resources and administration staff elsewhere.

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