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Asset Tracking Analysed


Black Telematics Box provides low cost asset tracking and monitoring software that provide complete visibility over all your mobile assets. Whether its plant equipment, cargo, boats, light aircraft, horse boxes or trailers, at any time you can:

  • View an asset’s movement in real time.
  • Receive notification when the asset triggers an alert such as entering or exiting a defined area.
  • Receive security alerts for movements in or out a geofence outwith specified hours usage.

The benefits of our asset tracking system include:

  • Improved asset efficiency from knowing the exact location of all assets at any given time.
  • Reduced operational costs by ensuring assets are always in the right location.
  • Increased revenues by maximising asset utilisation and reducing equipment downtime.
  • Increased security over high-value assets.

Lone Worker or Field Based Mobile Workforce Personal Tracker

The Lone worker or field based mobile worker personal tracking device, is a small simple to use device as small as a matchbox, which provides individuals and businesses a way to help protect & manage the safety and efficiency of their mobile staff that operate in various locations and environmental conditions. The GPS personal tracking device provides a way of creating visibility of the employee on a simple to used web based mapping system. The field based operative  has peace of mind that in a case of emergency they can raise an alarm/panic button on the device that will alert your organisation  and allow them to summons help as your colleagues will know your current GPS location. The GPS personal tracker assists your business on many levels by assisting with your lone worker policies or if you just want to know they are on site form a productivity standpoint so the electronic time sheet verifies their time spent onsite. The Black Telematics Box Bubble provides an electronic audit trail of your employee improve customer service.

The Black Telematics Box Bubble is used as an asset & plant tracking device provides companies a level of safety & efficiency at just £83.30 +Vat this is not only a great tool but also an affordable capital investment. Business owners understand they have a huge return on return on its investment.

The lone worker asset & plant tracker is a fantastic tool that can be used to ensure the utilisation your mobile workforce that are field based. Businesses are able to see what their employees are doing in and out of business hours, to ensure your company complies with policies & reduces operating costs.

The Black Telematics Box system monitors & improves productivity as well as helping businesses to improve their performance & efficiency of the workforce.

For remote field based operatives or people travelling around the country GPS asset tracking device is  is ideal for lone worker tracking solutions, the nice thing it doesn’t just rely on GSM mobile communications as the personal tracker communicates with a the  satellites. The GPS receiver relays the GPS information back to a the server. The GPS information is displayed on any web based PC through the web user interface. The software application provides information such as current location, time on site and route taken to and from the job site.

Who are lone workers and what jobs do they do?

Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision. They may be found in a wide range of situations, and some examples are provided below.

Assets & Staff Site Based

  • People working alone in premises, e.g. in small workshops, petrol stations, kiosks or shops.
  • People who work from home.
  • People working separately from others, e.g. in factories, warehouses, some research and training establishments, leisure centres or fairgrounds.
  • People working outside normal hours, e.g. cleaners and security, production, maintenance or repair staff.

Mobile assets & employees working away from their fixed base

  • Workers involved in construction, plant installation, maintenance and cleaning work, electrical repairs, lift repairs, painting and decorating or vehicle recovery.
  • Agricultural and forestry workers.
  • Service workers, e.g. rent collectors, postal staff, social workers, home helps, doctors, district nurses, pest control workers, drivers, engineers, architects, estate agents, sales representatives and similar professionals visiting domestic and commercial premises.

Employee Business Benefits

Field based Lone Worker Security  and protection by being able to keep contact with employees by knowing where they are 24/7 if necessary and ensuring they have the ability that the personal tracking device has to raise a base station alarm to help businesses comply  with their Duty of Care to their Employees , Corporate Manslaughter legislation , and help with areas of concern like Health and Safety – HSE- Lone Worker Policy- http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg73.pdf

The Benefits of Personal Asset Tracking, Lone Worker / Field Based Mobile Workforce Personal Tracker include;

  • Control working time by long range supervision and identify  monitor any under performing or poorly utilised staff, irrespective of age, health or practice
  • Control an emergency situation by providing movements or lack of movements of an individual
  • Independence of employees who work best alone
  • Financially facilitates individuals to work alone where cost is a factor that doesn’t allow two or more employees
  • Freedom for employees on the administration of manual time sheets as the system automates this process.
  • Proximity & location of staff for the closest & most suitable employee resource for the job required.
  • Security of you lone working staff & providing them with the protection when alone.
  • Monitoring employees to ensure the accuracy times spent on site, arrival & departure, getting more jobs scheduled in on a day providing more accurate job costing and the cost of delivery and sale.
  • Routing, review the way in which your employees go about they jobs, ensuring the best routes are taken and keep travelling costs at the lowest.
  • Fuel savings, maximising your employees routes are efficient and on time.
  • Communication costs are reduced due to knowing where all your staff are all the time.
  • Total visibility of therefore updates to clients easier and more efficient, so improving customer service in a proactive manner.

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