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Look Deeper Into Your Vehicle Tracking Proposition

client-cover-picFinding the Correct Partner & Choosing the right gps vehicle tracking system will be one of the most important decisions that a Business Owner or Fleet Manager will make, so it is important to get it right.

There are now hundreds of different vehicle tracking systems on the market.

So please consider things few important points – continuity of vehicle tracking service is vital so look closely not just at the cost of the system and the tracking features list but also consider the history of the company and how they fund your gps vehicle tracking system. The funding should be sustainable – how long have they used their current funding model? Remember the company that uses third party funders, means your business is exposed to more risks and liability, if they were to cease trading, who would provide your service while you pay the leasing company for your service? Check the system and their track record in terms of reliability from both a software & hardware and a communications point of view.

Most companies with good reputations and history will be able to provide you with a live vehicle tracking demonstration of their gps system, not a delayed smoke and mirrors presentation, also case studies from existing clients. Make sure the person you are talking to have strong product knowledge not just from a technical perspective but from an operational business perspective as well. Good advice from your chosen gps vehicle tracking partner can make a significant impact towards the operational and liability benefits you derive from using a gps tracking system.

Before making a final decision on choosing a partner talk to one or more of their existing customers. If the gps vehicle tracking company is unwilling or unable to provide reference sites that you can contact then alarm bells should start ringing.

Black Telematics Box ensures all customers are provided with a gps vehicle tracking system that’s self funded this is a business model that has been in place for the last 10 years so it is fully sustainable from our clients perspective.

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