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Crash for Cash Hotspots

crash for cashCar crash scam hotspots revealed

The top twenty hotspots for ‘Crash for cash’, where fraudsters try to make other vehicles crash into their car deliberately so they can make insurance claims, has been published.

‘Crash for cash’ is when fraudsters drive to busy road junctions and then perform unexpected, unnecessary and dangerous emergency stops designed to cause innocent members of the public to crash into them. Claims are made to the innocent motorist’s insurer, often including several accounts of fictitious injuries from members of the criminal gang.

Fraud funds serious crime

According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), who published the hotspots, there is growing evidence to show that the proceeds from this type of fraud are used to fund other forms of serious crime including drug trafficking and gun running.

The regional hotspots of ‘Crash for cash’ activities are:
1. Birmingham
2. Liverpool
3. Blackburn
4. Manchester
5. Leeds
6. London east
7. Oldham
8. Bradford
9. London north
10. Bolton
11. Sheffield
12. Uxbridge
13. Nottingham
14. Warrington
15. Stockport
16. Harrow
17. Leicester
18. Chester
19. Enfield
20. Wakefield

Unfortunately this list is growing by the day protect yourselves and you policy by installing our onboard cctv camera.

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