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Driver Speeding v’s Road Speed Limits – True Speed Limit Data Control

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Everyone knows there is a relation between speed and crashes, the faster one drives, the more likely a crash and the higher the risk of severe injury.
Well Black Telematics Box have done something about Managing and Controlling Fleet / Employee Speeding.

The internet is awash with Vehicle Tracking companies competing with very similar Vehicle Tracking products, we are often asked “what makes you different”, without giving all our trade secrets away we have decided to share one of our many Vehicle Solutions with you today.

Our clients commonly ask Speeding related questions, such as;

• “How can I find out what speeds my driver was doing on that road to see if he was speeding”?
• “How do I know what the speed limit of that road is ” ?
• “Is there a way to capture every time my was speeding, on each or the routes “?
• “How can I reduce speeding, we have fitted limiters to the vans but that’s okay for motorways but doesn’t help about town”?
• “I have a vehicle tracking system that currently sends me speeding alerts, but I can only set this for a maximum speed, so its no real value, can your system help”?
• “Sometimes we get calls into the business, complaining that our driver / vehicles were speeding on a certain road how do we validate these claims”?
• Etc……..

Until now these types of questions have been very subjective with current market systems, but now we have taken all the false system claims away, as we have made it possible for you to now “Measure & Monitor” with our True Road Speed module your drivers speed v’s road speeds, the need for annoying obsolete email alerts just when the reach 71 mph is gone now with our new True Speeding Module.

The True Road Speed Module is is not a just a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device, its a very specific software that analyses speed data, “Road Speed Zones” and compares this to the actual speed the driver is travelling at through these zones.
This True Speeding Module provides greater visibility of fleet vehicles as they move about on each road classification, it also allows the fleet management teams a proactive analyse their fleets, or individual drivers speeding patterns, thus reducing road risk and adding another level of safety to their fleet.

We believe we this will help reduce initial fleet costs as there is little need for expensive speed limiters and vehicle graphics letting people know the van is limited to 60 mph – what good is that in a 20 mph zone? We also believe your fleets whole life cost will be reduced, through accident reduction, vehicle down time, excess fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear also provide a clearer picture of how and where your driver training spend is required.

The True Speed Module enable fleet managers to control their fleets safely as the drive through any area and any speed zone.
Black Telematics Box has incorporated this as part of their industry leading vehicle tracking and driver behaviour system. This is the solution to the speeding problem, why not ask for a demonstration today and reduce your fleet risk very simply in one combined GPS Vehicle Tracking, Driver Behaviour, True Speeding System.

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