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Environmental Responsibility for Companies

environmental responsibilityMany businesses are now looking closer at their environmental policies not only within the work place but also out on the road. This change means that businesses are looking for ways to help them with their environmental responsibility. One way is to start with your own “ECO or Green Audit” this helps identify what environmental impact your business has and what it has to do to change.

We have listed some recommendations for your “Eco / Green Audit” for your mobile staff;

  • Introduce a vehicle tracking system to help increase the vehicle efficiency of routes and deployment.
  • Utilise the tracker system to identify the location of operational staff are working, so they can be allocated jobs more efficiently and save time and fuel.
  • Encourage the mobile workforce to begin their first job straight from home rather than travel to the business.
  • Review of the number of trips to the waste / recycling centre to cut down unnecessary journeys.
  • Improve the way vehicles are stocked to reduce the number of trips back to base or suppliers.
  • Potential to reduce vehicle numbers due to improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Good luck developing you environmental policy or strategy and lets all reduce emissions and save fuel while maximising our time.

Black Telematics Box Team would be delighted to help  with your vehicle tracking and driver behaviour proof concept if it is new to your business.

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