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How Vehicle Tracking Devices Make Your Vehicle More Secure

StolenVehicleRecovery-PPWhether or not you have a business empire with a fleet of vehicles at your disposal or you just have the one car sitting in your drive way, Black Telematics Box’s vehicle tracking devices are guaranteed to make your vehicle more secure.

Figures from the UK’s home office statistics state that vehicles are ‘ten times safer from theft with a security device’. Besides the obvious deterrent of displaying you have a vehicle tacking device, our system provides a lot of other services to make your vehicle more secure.

Our systems include a 24 hour monitoring device, so you know your vehicle is in the right place at the right time, so no matter what time of day you are nothing more than a mouse click away from finding out where all your vehicles are. Included in the 24 hour vehicle tracking monitoring service is the ability to set geographical parameters, which if breached, sets off an alarm on your device alerting you to potential misuse of your vehicle. You can also replay the route a particular vehicle has taken, this is useful if perhaps one of your drivers is taking a lot longer that they should to get from A to B.

We work with other vehicle tracking experts ScorpionTrack. If your vehicle has unfortunately been stolen, ScorpionTrack will liaise with police to help you get it back. They operate a technologically advanced system, which was developed with a high recovery rate in mind.

Another feature of our vehicle tracking system is the driver identification module. This is a handy tool allows you to identify each individual driver, even if they have access to one or more of your vehicles, so you know who is driving your vehicles and if they are authorised to do so. This module works well with another feature we offer; the driver behaviour module. This keeps track of individual driving patters, potentially highlighting the dangerous or inefficient driving habits of some of your drivers. Or maybe you have a teenager in your household who has just passed their driving test, this will allow you to monitor their driving behaviour to make sure they are not putting themselves or anybody else in danger.

So whether you have a lot of vehicles or just the one, our Black Telematics Box is guaranteed to offer you the peace of mind, knowing your car is more secure.

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