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Latest Vehicle Theft Scam

OBDII  Theft - Vehicle TrackingRecent theft reports have shown a vehicles are being targeted by car thief’s using the latest technology.

The car is first targeted by the criminal and the “paintwork is scratched” the person who scratches the vehicle simply “leaves a note” with an apology of the scratch along with their contact details and offers to pay for a scratch removal company to come out and do an invisible repair to the paintwork.

Right on queue, the paint repair company arrives and plugs in their laptop computer to the cars OBDII port,  which is the cars diagnostic port pretending to check for the vehicles paint code !!! – of course no surprise because what they are actually doing is collecting the vehicle information on your key so they can clone your electronic car key !!!! No further surprises when they tell you they don’t carry that paint color in stock and take a note of your address where the car will be and the will go and collect the paint – it all seams rather plausible but its a scam.

Now the have an exact match of your key, and they know where the vehicle will be located, so its a simple case of not turning up with the paint as the owner thinks – but in fact the car thief turns up and steals the vehicle any time they want.

Have you experienced this our someone you know ? – we would like to hear from you or if you wish to protect against this you can with our vehicle tracking device & system.

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