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Non Fault Accidents & Fraudulent ‘Crash for Cash’ Accidents

Crash for CashOur on-board CCTV video cameras record the view through the car windscreen and capture second by second events before, during and after a collision.

There are huge numbers of businesses & people throughout the UK that are already are fitting in cab /car video cameras to combat ‘crash for cash’ fraud claims, and totally exonerate the driver.

The devices, known as ‘Blackbox Cameras’, record the forward view through the car windscreen and capture everything that is happening with a wide dynamic view of 120 degrees.

The CCTV camera is recording the information second by second and can be used by the business or the driver to defend any action raised against them, this can be simple things like tailgating, lane hopping, lane hogging, and small to large accidents.

In-cab CCTV cameras have been used to help emergency services for many years, and now many insurance companies are taking and inerest in this type of technology as it can reduce false claims.

This surge of fraudulent ‘crash for cash’ claims is causing genuine concern among innocent drivers, as many have to admit guilt and potentially risk losing their no claims discount because they cannot prove that it was a no fault accident.

We offer a range of in vehicle CCTV cameras that can provide provide businesses & drivers with the means to produce evidence of how an incident occurred and who is at fault should the need arise.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau estimates around 30,000 incidents of ‘crash for cash’ every year, which costs insurance companies around £350 million and pushing up premiums for honest, innocent drivers.

Why not visit our webpage for more information or contact us today for a price and availability.

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