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Affordable GPS Personal Tracking Device

GPS Personal Tracking Device

GPS Personal Tracking Device

 The long awaited gps personal tracking device – “Black Telematics Box Bubble” has just been   launched,  which is both cost effective and very simple for a person to use, by making it cost effective we  have it is now   within the reach of the general public. Oh yes and the best part of all is the pricing.

 The gps personal tracking device is a matchbox sized vehicle and personal GPS tracker which uses satellites  and mobile phone technology to pinpoint its location anywhere real time – LIVE! All you require is access  to the internet, or a mobile phone and you can see exactly where the Black Telematics Box Bubble GPS  Personal Tracker is any time.

The device is so versatile and very small – it measures 79 x 42 x 18mm and weighs just 70g. The personal gps tracking device can be attached easily to a belt or placed discreetly in a vehicle. The Black Telematics Box Bubble personal & vehicle gps tracker uses GPS satellites to track its exact location within a few metres. Its position is sent using mobile phone technology enabling you to view the location instantly on your computer, iPhone, iPad or mobile phone. Black Telematics Box Bubble Tracker is versatile. It is designed for gps vehicle tracking, gps fleet tracking, and vehicle or asset security, tracking the your Lone worker or an elderly person who has Alzheimer’s or is a Dementia sufferer, someone who is disabled or vulnerable and child personal tracking.

So if you need to keep an eye on a vulnerable person or you have an elderly  loved one who frequently wanders off and is getting lost, why not make your life easier and theirs safer with peace of mind that they are where they should be with the Black Telematics Box Bubble.

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