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Respecting Everyone’s Journey

Respecting other road users and good driver behaviourHave you ever stopped to think how many different types of road users you come into contact with every day? We all have an equal right to share the road to get to work, to go home, to go shopping and socialising etc.

• We believe that road safety being paramount to the well being other road users that we share the road with, encouraging your employees or loved ones to take a little extra care around those who are most vulnerable and respecting everyone’s journey.

• We call it driver behaviour on how drivers or bike riders interact on the roads with other road users & pedestrians can respect each other’s journey.

• Reducing your speed and raising your personal awareness, reduce the risk of distractions from your mobile phone or smart device, as it is proven that this is a bigger risk than drink driving to you and other road users.

• Black Telematics Box simply urges its clients and future clients to use our system to keep your employees and loved ones safe behind the wheel and police the others that are behaving irresponsibly with your vehicle to protect them and other road users alike.

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