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Road Speed System Profiling – Don’t get caught speeding!

Speeding Dont Get CaughtBlack Telematics Box is keen to let all drivers of vehicles know how their managers can help them improve there road risk, and empowering them with a tool to assist with speeding issues.

The message is “don’t get caught speeding”, but how do we police that without fines? Easy this is now available as part of our system through our system comparing road speeds to speed limits which is profiled in a dashboard view.

If a transport manager wants to graphically review the drivers journey’s then this can be replayed and the speeding infringements can be analysed, then through employee consolation a proper safe driving practice plan can be adopted before someones licence is affected or worse someones life.

This is yet another proactive view that Black Telematics Box is taking on “safe road use”, reducing penalty points, fines and making all our roads safer.

Join us today – Contact one of our team, you will be surprised at our driver behaviour system as well.

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