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Self Installed Vehicle Tracking Solution

Black Telematics Box Plug & Play Vehicle Tracking UnitBlack Telematics Box has launched its self installed “OBDII-Plug & Play” vehicle tracking device for fleets of cars & LCV’s. Our “OBDII-Plug & Play” unit can be self installed in the vehicle within seconds and moved between vehicles as & when required providing fleets with a flexible tracking solution.

Black Telematics Box “OBDII-Plug & Play”tracking device clicks into the vehicles computer port capturing vehicle telematics data that is transmitted back to our tracking & driver behaviour system providing users a fast and efficient way maximising there mobile fleet.

The Black Telematics Box “OBD II-Plug & Play Device”is a great alternative to companies where a hardwired unit is not time efficient or cost effective. We supply these to businesses who have a requirement  on their rental vehicles or short term lease vehicles or company cars.

We have clients who provide landscaping services seasonally, their staff base expands in these peak seasons along with their temporary vehicle fleet, They simply deploy our “OBD II-Plug & Play Device” in each of these temporary vehicles as a preferred vehicle tracking choice. This satisfies their business model on a cost & time efficiency basis, there is no expensive installation costs or productivity downtime in these busy periods.

Our “OBD II-Plug & Play Device” provides businesses with the same level of visibility & control of there fleet that is can be accesses via the clients mobile device or computer live minute by minute.

The systems functionality and features are exactly the same as our system with the hardwired unit offering  a full range of management reporting, that can be viewed live our scheduled on demand. Our reporting suite covers all areas of vehicle management such as track & trace poor driving styles such as Harsh – Braking, Harsh – Acceleration, Harsh – Cornering, Unnecessary Idling, True Speeding – Relation to the actual speed limit of the road & so much more

OBDII-Plug & Play system offers a cost effective solution that deploys as quickly as you plug it into your vehicle – yes that simple.

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