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Stolen Vehicle Recovery System, What Next?

Scorpiontrack Cat 5 LogoWhat to do if your vehicle has been stolen

If your vehicle has been stolen tell the police and your insurance company straight away; you can also apply for a vehicle tax refund.

Call your local police station

Dial ‘101’ and ask to be put through to your local police.
Make sure you have the following details:

• registration number
• make
• model
• colour

You’ll get a crime reference number – you’ll need this when you tell your insurance company and to claim a tax disc refund.

The police will tell DVLA about the theft and if the vehicle is found.

Call your insurance company

Your insurance company will tell you how to make an insurance claim.
Tell DVLA if your insurance company pays out
If your insurance company pay out a claim for your stolen vehicle, complete the ‘notification of sale or transfer’ V5C/3 section of your V5C registration certificate and send it to DVLA. Include a letter saying when the payment was accepted and details of the insurance company.
Give the remaining part of the V5C to the insurance company.
If your insurance company asks for the whole of the V5C registration certificate just send a letter to DVLA. Include details of the insurance company and the date of the claim plus the registration number, make, model and colour of your vehicle. Your signature is also needed.

Apply for a vehicle tax refund

If your vehicle is not found within a week, you can apply for a vehicle tax refund.
To get your vehicle tax refund fill in form V33 and send to the DVLA Refund Section. You’ll need to include your crime reference number.
Refund Section
SA99 1AL
Get the V33 form by calling DVLA Customer Enquiries.
DVLA Customer Enquiries
0300 790 6802

Personalised registration numbers

If you had a personalised registration number, you can normally reclaim it and retain or transfer it to another vehicle if the original vehicle has still not been found after 12 months. You will need to meet certain requirements:
• you must have told the police
• the theft must have been on DVLA records for at least 12 months (the police should tell DVLA for you)
• the vehicle must have had a valid MOT certificate when it was stolen
• the vehicle must have had a valid tax disc when it was stolen
• your insurers must provide a letter for DVLA saying they are happy with the number being re-issued
You must then write a letter to DVLA Personalised Registrations including your name, address and the vehicle registration number.
If your vehicle is recovered and you or your insurer decide to sell or destroy it, you’ll need to apply to keep or transfer your registration number using form V317 before the vehicle is disposed of.

To apply to keep or transfer your registration number or for further information, write with your registration number to:
DVLA Personalised Registrations
SA99 1DS

Stolen Vehicle Recovery System Information

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