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Anti Theft Protection

PoliceNo one can guarantee the security of your vehicle, that it wont be a victim of vehicle theft and stolen, however the good news is there are many ways you can improve its chances against its theft without standing guard, 24 hours a day. The market is a wash with al-sorts of security measures to protect your vehicle. So we have listed 10 options below, to help you choose which one is your selected deterrent for you anti-theft solution.

10 Anti Theft Options


These are very inexpensive and will as an anti-theft devices, they designed to restrict the access to removal of your vehicle. The advantage of a simple mechanical immobilisers is they are visible to the thief and will stop amateur thieves, but be aware not the professional. Police authorities suggest these are used in conjunction with another anti-theft device


The the most popular steering wheel lock, is the least expensive anti-theft option. This device goes over the steering wheel and locks it in place, so no one can drive it until they remove the lock. Police have pointed out recently that many criminals have worked out how to bypass their in-built alarms and are now urging people to go back to basics.


This device will block access to the electrical components such as the battery and this deters thieves who sell cars off expensive car parts, again back to basics. Many of the car manufacturers are supplying this as a standard internal bonnet release now.


These locks are highly visible and are a super deterrent and very difficult to remove without the proper locking wheel nut key. Since wheel locks are time consuming to remove, the car thief that want your alloy wheels will not be the first choice car if these are fitted.


Ignition locks / Gear-stick locks /steering wheel column locks and crook locks and brake pedal locks are all time consuming deterants that the lazy thief will move onto the next vehicle with out them.


Lots of modern cars and vans are fitted as standard with electronic immobilisers. These are built-in transponders or microchips that send a signals to the ignition and fuel systems. So when anyone tries start the car without the transponder signal, the vehicle will simply not start. This is a great deterrent as thieves do not have the luxury of time to try and bypass these anti theft devices.


This is a switch that is installed into the vehicles electronic circuit to effectively immobilise the vehicle which can be wired to break the fuel or the starting circuit. However some manufacturers will advise you not to do this as it will invalidate the manufacturers warranty, so we advice for you to check  with your vehicle supplier before any vehicle security device is installed in your vehicle.


Car alarms are the most widely known anti theft devices on the market. These are not only visual deterrents as the vehicle will normally be fitted with car alarm stickers but it is known to the thief that it will also emit a very loud noise when activated. We also recommend even if you have the alarm and are waiting on it being installed that you should at least apply the stickers to each side window as a visual deterrent until your alarm system is installed. Many car thieves will stop at the sight of this and move to the next vehicle. The vehicle alarm features include siren, door switches, interior sensors, movement sensors and geo fences, the car alarm designers have added all of these features to do a job – such as the vehicle being entered through the door or the window glass being smashed or the vehicle being towed away. However alarms now can be known as false alarms as the can be accidentally triggered by wind etc… so sometimes ignored and not reported , unless you are there to check.


Vehicle tracking through vehicle etching is a simple way to protect your asset, so if your car is stolen, this way of tracking your vehicle is a way of ensuring the identity for return. This is the cheapest form of vehicle tracking  “Vehicle Identification Number or Chassis Number and some have the Registration number in addition”  is etched by a professional onto all of your vehicles glass. This should not be confused with the electronic version of gps vehicle tracking which is a live tracking device installed within the vehicle and uses GPS to locate your vehicle remotely, and have the ability to help recover your vehicle very soon after it is stolen.


This is the “Rolls Royce” of vehicle theft protection, however dependent of your specification it doesnt have to cost the earth. We at Black Telematics Box offer two levels of protection, and each of the gps vehicle tracking devices are hidden ithin the vehicle, these devices are always on, so no self or remote activation required. You have direct access to see where your vehicle is at all times minute by minute. So in the event of having to locate this you can either track the vehicle yourself or it will be traced for you via a bureau service which will report the theft and location to the police. These will can be installed in all types of vehicles, cars, vans HGV’s, plant and machinery. The Price Ranges- from £99 plus service to £699 plus service very high end tracking immobilisation and bureau serviced GPS system.

So Call Black Telematics Box today and discuss your requirements – All vehicle tracking systems fitted at your premises.

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